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O ur Asbestos Audits Australia inspectors will assess your commercial, industrial or residential property for asbestos. And they will provide you with a management plan to achieve asbestos code compliance.  

It is required under the Occupational Health And Safety Regulations 2017 that you have a complete Asbestos Register and Management Plan. Do you have an up to date compliance report? Do you have a current Division 5 Audit that is required to be renewed every 5 years?

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If asbestos is recognised at a commercial premises, industrial site or a workplace, it is a legal requirement that the asbestos is examined and any changes logged. The person who manages or controls a workplace must ensure that the asbestos register is reviewed and, if necessary, revised at least every 5 years. Organise an asbestos inspection today.

We offer honest, affordable prices – Not Asbestos Scare Tactics

Asbestos Audits Australia – Providing Quality Asbestos Audits For Over 20 Years

Why use Asbestos Audits Australia?

  • We assess and identify hazardous materials
  • We monitor airborne fibres
  • We climb ladders to check roofs & ceiling spaces
  • We check sub floor spaces
  • We develop an asbestos risk management plan
  • We supervise the elimination of asbestos materials
  • We supply a clearance certification after asbestos is removed
  • We provide asbestos division 6 audits
  • We provide asbestos division 5 audits
  • We remove the risk of being fined
  • We reduce the risk of insurance claims due to non-compliance
  • Avoid stop-work action from unions
  • Minimise the risks to health due to exposure of asbestos

Asbestos Audits & Assessments in Melbourne

Current Occupational Health And Safety Regulations 2017 state that hazardous materials in a workplace that contain asbestos, must be disclosed in an asbestos register.

If you are preparing for a comprehensive renovation of your property and want to be sure that the grounds are safe and compliant for the renovation, get a thorough asbestos audit done by Asbestos Audits Australia today.

An annual asbestos audit can be done and the asbestos register updated to reflect the audit.

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What is an asbestos audit?
An asbestos audit is an official document we produce identifying any asbestos containing material. It also outlines the conditions of the material and recommendations that should be undertaken to remove the asbestos.
What is a Division 5 asbestos audit?
A division 5 asbestos audit is the first step in identifying asbestos in the workplace. There is a visual inspection of the workplace and non destructive samples are taken that are suspected of containing asbestos. An asbestos register is completed and provided to the property owners or management.
What is a Division 6 asbestos audit?
A division 6 asbestos audit is a legal requirement prior to any demolition works where it is known to have asbestos. Destructive sampling is done in all the areas where the demolition work is to be performed. If there is no asbestos register or the current register is not up to date, a division 6 audit must be performed prior to commencement of demolition.

What Our Customers Say

I received great service and professionalism from Adrain and his team for my asbestos removal on my old bathroom. Adrian left the bathroom and house neat and tidy. I would highly recommend if you have any need for asbestos removal.

Darron Letch

Adrian was brilliant right through our entire removal. He was honest and thorough without there being and scare tactics. He is also a really nice guy, great tradie and true professional. Highly recommend him.

Nicole Coad

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